High-Quality Stainless Steel Barware

Ronnie John has a wide selection of quality gifts for the alcohol aficionado in your life. Our gifts are meant for wine-tasters, drink makers, and everyone who loves a nice cold drink at the end of a long day. Why not elevate that drink for your loved one with one of our beautiful barware products.

Flasks are a timelessly elegant gift for any gentleman. That’s why we offer three different specialty flasks, all of which we’d be happy to gift wrap for you. Our 3-ounce, stainless steel slim flask is the most discreet, but we also offer a 6-ounce, 14-karat gold plated flask and our unique Irving scope flask. The scope flask can hold 5 ounces of alcohol, which can be viewed through a glass porthole window.

If your loved one prefers to drink from a glass, they’ll love our Glacier Rocks. Ice cubes are great for keeping your drink cold, but they quickly melt and water down the taste of your drinks. Glacier Rocks are the perfect alternative. Simply freeze these stainless steel cubes 4 hours before use and drop them into any drink you want served cold.

We also offer gifts for people who love entertaining and serving alcohol with style. Our high-quality aerating pour spout, gunmetal corkscrew, and sleek slate coaster set are sure to impress any guest.

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