Quality Fashion Accessories for Australian Men

Ronnie John’s range of high-quality accessories make for meaningful gifts to any man in your life, whether it be your father, son, partner, brother, colleague, or friend. These Australian-made gifts exude sophistication, finding the perfect balance between modern and classic design.

Our wooden sunglasses are a favourite among our customers. Our timeless Buko, Ranger, and Luxe sunglasses are all made using wooden acetate. This is largely what makes them so lightweight, durable, waterproof, and comfortable. They’re a stylishly subtle accessory that your loved one will want to wear all summer long.

We also offer several gorgeous travel cups, bottles, and lunch bags. This includes our pale timber reusable travel cup, our 1.8-litre stainless steel water bottle, and our 750-ml stainless steel Earth bottle. Both bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours and liquids warm for 12, making them great accessories for long commutes and camping trips.

That being said, the most elegant of our accessories have to be our handcrafted game sets. We handcraft boards and all the required playing pieces for chess, backgammon, and word games using teak and Australian Hardwood. The result is beautiful, serving as a lovely interior design piece when it isn’t being played.

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  • Powerbank Black 3

    Alldock Wireless Powerbank

  • Buko Ranger Wooden Sunglasses

    Original price was: $145.Current price is: $109.
  • Quickcharge 1

    18w Luxetech Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger

  • Buko Bondi Wooden Sunglasses

    Original price was: $145.Current price is: $109.
  • Cabin Fever 1

    Ghost Outdoors – Army Blanket

  • Buko Luxe Wooden Sunglasses

    Original price was: $145.Current price is: $109.
  • Ghost Outdoors – Set Of 3 Handy Pouches – Dopp Kit

    Original price was: $89.95.Current price is: $69.95.
  • Chadwick Backpack Ben20190519 Indepalleather Web 22

    Chadwick – Washed Leather Backpack

  • Douglas Leather Wrist Bag

    Original price was: $119.Current price is: $79.
  • Untitled Design (2)

    Earth Bottles Big Bertha – 1.8L Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

  • Tote Black 1

    Striped for Success Casual Shopper Tote

  • Speaker Walnut 1

    Luxetech – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Saf 7203 Black

    Ralph Leather Card Holder

  • Image 1

    Sleek, Clear Water Bottle – Slim, A5, A6

  • Cord Roll

    The Cord Roll – Leather

  • Venque – Classic Backpack

    Original price was: $189.99.Current price is: $129.99.
  • Venque – Balham Slim Briefcase

    Original price was: $219.99.Current price is: $149.99.
  • Hamptons Grey 1

    Venque – Hamptons Briefcase

  • Duffle Grey 1

    Venque – Duffle Bag