Ronnie John – The Tale of ‘The Gentleman’


Salute to the men out there! It’s been a long week with our nose to the grindstone. With the weather cooling down, it’s the prime time to talk about the environment. Being more sustainable is something that we have all pondered over and enjoying life and all its outdoor luxuries is something that is core to each of us at Ronnie John.

The world is rapidly expanding and with that comes more responsibility towards the environment we live in. We do not want to abuse the planet. Ronnie John believes that everybody plays a significant role in building our future and our future depends on the wellbeing of our planet. We are privileged to live on such a resourceful planet, with an abundance of life at our fingertips.

Landfill, for instance, poses a large challenge to Australia’s sustainability. It has both an economic and environmental impact due to the slow decomposition rate of non-sustainable materials such as plastic, which can take up to thousands of years. 

Ronnie John wants you to think about how you can support the environment in little ways, enjoying life and all its outdoor luxuries is who we are at our core. At Ronnie John, we have selected more brands that align with our main sustainable values. We source high-quality unique products by way of eco-friendly practices. Some of our unique products derive from fascinating stories.
Join Ronnie John and let’s do our part in preserving our planet.

Here are some of our eco-friendly products which can serve as alternatives for your everyday items: 

Shop our range of unique products now!

Featured in order / Timber Travel Cup, Stainless Steel Portable Cutlery, Wood Eco Friendly Watches, Earth Bottle Tea Totty

Shop Ronnie John’s Environmental-Friendly Brands:

  1. Earth Bottles
  2. Outlery
  3. WeWood
  4. Valor
  5. Memobottle
  6. Blackinkk

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